About us

Accent Electronic - is one of the largest distributors of computer components, peripherals and accessories of Moldova.

Accent Electronic was founded in 1991 and is still successfully developing on the Moldovan market. The main activities of our company are the sale and distribution of IT products.

In the company, we have established strong ties with the strongest global representatives of the IT business, developed and implemented an effective logistics and distribution system, which currently positions us as one of the strongest and most reliable players in the IT sector in Moldova. The professionalism of our team allows us not only to maintain, but also to increase the dealer network consisting of more than 500 active dealers and online stores throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Accent Electronic's activities are based on responsibility for each other, on the the quality of work and the compliance with the corporate standards, to consumers - for the quality of products and services, to partners - for the fulfillment of their obligations.

Company advantages

Accent Electronic includes a number of advantages aimed at the successful development of the company and high-quality customer service.

We are a team of certified specialists with more than 25 years of experience in the Moldovan IT market.

The ACCENT company's portfolio of more than 70 brands and manufacturers.

The ACCENT client base includes more than 500+ clients.

Annual turnover of the company is more than 15 million dollars.

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